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Cash.Fi Launch Phases

We will launch Cash.Fi back into general, public availability in a systematic way to assure that large features like Trailblazer NFTs.

Launch Phases

  • Cash.Fi Open Beta Release(Android/IOS) - Point Service : Cash.Fi has already released beta service through earning Fi points. User will be able to swap Fi point with SRT. We can learn reward ecosystem before swapping SRT during this period.
  • Fi Point <-> SRT SWAP: Before minting Trailblazer, We will give the opportunity for Swapping Fi point to SRT to the user. We will give the benefit to SRT holders
  • Minting Trailblazer NFTs in Korea: This 7 day period allows only certain quantity SRT of holders to mint Trailblazer NFTs in Cash.Fi Platform and also earn bonus SRT tokens for holding an Trailblazer NFT.
  • Minting Trailblazer NFTs in Specific Countries: This period allows SRT holders the opportunity to mint Trailblazer NFTs early (at a slightly premium price to help avoid landgrabs of the most popular/advantageous locations) in Cash.Fi.
  • Minting Trailblazer NFTs in Global: Once Cash.Fi goes into Global, it has officially launched and is available to the entire country.

How to Mint Trailblazer NFTs in Specific Countries:

During this period, people can download Cash.Fi on the public App Store in Specific Countries. When joining during this period, we ask people to connect their wallets:
  • If a person holds a certain quantity SRTs, they can mint Trailblazer NFTs in Cash.Fi.
  • If a person doesn’t hold certain quantity SRTs, they are told that it’s currently this period and that they can skip the line by swapping Fi points.