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Why Cash.Fi

Traditional social networks were built for networking among people with the same interests or close friends. However, these social networks are functioning as tools of advertisement and news sharing these days, losing the original intent of their establishment.
Cash.Fi is focusing more on real-world connections and sharing interests about the places where users check-in, thus giving more useful and adaptable information to our users.
There have been many platforms for the reviewing places, but lacking the incentives for the users who dedicate to building the platform worthy with their inputs. With the rise of blockchain technologies and the 'act to earn' scheme in many platforms, Cash.Fi encourages users to upload and share valuable information acquired by checking-ins. Incentives for those activities will be earning SRTs, NFTs for the specific achievements.
These incentives will motivate users to join Cash.Fi and participate frequently because the more people that use Cash.Fi, the more valuable their NFTs and tokens are likely to become. Users can receive real, meaningful upside for improving and growing the Cash.Fi ecosystem.