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Incentives for Businesses

Provide Discounts: Participating businesses will be able to provide discounts to Cash.Fi users in the form of spending SRT to get some % discount on their purchase. For example, if a user spends SRT at a coffee shop, the user may be able to get 5% off and the used tokens are transferred to the business. The difference of the original price will be made up later by team Cash.Fi.
Increase Foot Traffic During Down Times: Businesses will be able to offer SRT rewards when people come to shop at times when they want more customers (e.g. businesses are usually slower in the early afternoon after the lunch rush and before dinner, so they can incentivize Cash.Fi visitors to come by doing such as happy hours with SRT drops). Businesses pay the user.
Incentivizing Other Local Businesses to Join: We will deploy a give/get model to increase the number of local businesses participating on Cash.Fi platform. Businesses will be able to give another business X SRT for signing up, and get an equal amount of SRT in return. These tokens come from the treasury and will be capped at X amount of referrals.
Local Business NFT Drops (‘Perk Drops’): We will build the tools for local businesses to easily do their own NFT drops. For example, a coffee shop could drop a collection of 100 NFTs for 0.2ETH and say that everyone who holds the NFT gets a free coffee each day. The business will receive the initial funds from the NFT sale and then continuous royalties as people trade and assign new value to a free coffee each day. Users pay the business and receive a digital collectible with utility in return.