SRT with Cash.Fi

Official SRT with Cash.Fi White Paper and other product information


Cash.Fi of DANBI is a social network for users who are into game-like features in their daily lives. DANBI will use Smart Reward Token of SRC in Cash.Fi Platform. Users will adopt the diverse activities in Cash.Fi. For example, checking in to the places they go and sharing those check-ins with friends. Each check-in made on CashFi has the opportunity to be monetized by SRT(Smart Reward Token).
By the activities, especially visiting an offline shop, users can choose whether to submit their post into an approval queue to earn SRT(Smart Reward Token). Only high-quality check-ins (Wifi or Bluetooth Check-ins, good photos with captions about the place) will be accepted for the incentives. Additionally, to incentivize leaders in the community, early adoption, and participation, those early-adopter users will have the virtual ownership share of the place. We call them 'Trailblazers'. Trailblazers earn SRT when other users make approved check-ins at the places they’ve collected the virtual ownership share. The Cash.Fi platform will also provide tools for participating businesses to conduct NFT drops that reward the NFT holders with special perks (‘Perk Drops’).
Trailblazers and Perk Drops are non-fungible, transferrable, and scarce digital assets that are stored in Ethereum smart contracts. Trailblazers and Perk Drops can be acquired by either spending ETH or SRT (or becoming a super early adapter). Users earn SRT when they put check-ins for review by Team Cash.Fi, through their Trailblazers, or they can purchase it on cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can also use SRT to purchase digital goods and services on Cash.Fi. (Note: We will likely use an Ethereum Layer 2, such as Polygon, for Perk Drops. We may allow users to pick between either Ethereum or Polygon when minting Trailblazer NFTs since they can be bridged back and forth.)
Cash.Fi is designed to make daily life feel like an actual fun game. This will make people more involved to share a sense of community and belonging to the nearby instead of feeding people content from around the world which is not really clicking. User feeds naturally localize because of the checking-in mechanism, since most people spend the majority of their time near where they live. The goal of Cash.Fi is to help people love where they live and incentivize them to enjoy and explore the nearby and share their experiences and know-how.
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